SEM SEO Positioning
Search Engine Positioning Services are designed to achieve visibility and efficiency of organic and paid search results on Google, Yahoo and Yandex.
Lead Generation
The client pays a fixed amount per lead and the agency is responsible for generating the volume of leads needed to convert into clients/bookings.
Lead Conversion
The client pays a fixed amount for each sale/booking closed. The agency is responsible for generating the lead and converting it into a sale for you.

Our Services

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Lead Generation

To help your website seen on SERPs, PPCGURU has the world's leading strategies and techniques that will help your company improve website traffic and conversions. A given amount in each lead will be paid by the customer and the PPCGURU is responsible for producing the volume of leads required to convert into clients/bookings.

Pay-Per Click

An efficient way to reach a large audience is through Google Ad campaigns. In the search engines, they enhance SEO and get you instant exposure. Boost it like what your company plans. Play smart here at PPCGURU and grow visibility and sales.

Conversion Rate Optimization

With the guidance of our PPCGURU conversion rate optimization experts, you can now escalate your conversions. Extensive market research analysis, landing page management, strategic keyword integration, and proactive link building are covered by our tested method. To guarantee your campaigns deliver successful outcomes for a positive ROI, we utilize data-driven approaches.

More services

Other Services that will develop your business

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

Are you tired of always the one searching for clients? Why not let them look for you? Hundreds of thousands of individuals use search engines such as Google and Baidu to check for goods and services. The search campaigns of PPCGURU will encourage you to be there when they're prepared to purchase.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Let them know that your brand is widely open for a venture. But how do you know that your advertisements are delivered to the relevant customers? The precisely focused campaigns from PPCGURU will help you create custom networks to guarantee that every marketing dollar is invested wisely.

Display Advertising
Display Advertising

Through banner or video advertising, PPCGURU display initiatives can improve your online exposure and will direct you to meet your target market. We can help improve brand recognition, attract leads, support new products or unique offers and outside search campaigns, expand visibility and frequency.

Web Design and Development
Web Design and Development

Your website is the most effective sales & marketing tool you have, but many businesses still do not concentrate on developing efforts on designing and improving their website. Using our completely integrated web design services, we will assist you to reorganize components of your website or create one from the start.

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"The professional team of PPCGURU has offered us with a thorough, prompt, and well-planned digital marketing strategy which produced excellent outcomes when it comes to SEO, content, as well as Social Media. The agency is great to collaborate with and rapidly adapt to the objectives of our brand.”

Olivia Kevinson
Olivia Kevinson Founder

“PPCGURU has changed the way audiences viewed our business with the superb knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and strategic marketing approaches. Indeed, our search engine rankings are becoming better than ever, and more clients are messaging us every day. A big thank you to the team for the hard work!”

Mitchell Harris
Mitchell Harris Financer

“PPCGURU obviously did an excellent job in developing our website design. The group of experts really made sure I was well-informed along the process and provided me insights on how to help make my web page more user-friendly. I would recommend PPCGURU to everyone who is looking for a web design partner.”

Julia Cloe
Julia Cloe Sales Manager